Rowenta Access Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron Pros, Cons & Review

When investing in a quality steam iron, most consumers look for power, precision tip accuracy and ease of use at an affordable budget tier. Rowenta’s Access Steam Iron checks all those key boxes and then some, making it a top contender brand amid crowding fields of lower-priced options lacking performance capabilities. In this article we talk about Rowenta Access Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron Pros, Cons & Review.

But does this higher-end French-made Rowenta model justify nearly twice standard iron prices? Its impressive 1700-watt metal soleplate and burst of steam mode promise efficient results. Yet a few design annoyances surface.

Weigh pros against cons fully to determine if the overall functionality aligns with your needs before purchasing. This detailed Rowenta Access Steam Iron review provides the insider details to inform your comparisons.

Rowenta Access Steam Iron: Key Specs

– 8.5 pound sturdy weight with stainless steel soleplate
– 1800-watt high steam output at 6.76 ounce rate
– 300+ steam holes distributed evenly
– Push button controlled steam adjustments
– Extra wide 5.25 inch tip optimal for bedding or tablecloths
– Limited 1 year warranty

Biggest Pros

Heats Quickly & Evenly
Thanks to smart steam distribution through ample holes coupled by highly conductive stainless steel, the Rowenta Access iron glides smoothly within 60 seconds of turning on. No annoying cold spots hamper progress whether navigating shirt collars or trouser pleats.

Burst of Steam Mode
For tougher wrinkle conquering, a quick push of the shot of steam button emits a powerful steam jet from the tip without requiring posture changes. Similarly, the vertical steam activation tackles hanging curtains or dresses still on hangers nicely.

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Comfortable Handle
A thoughtfully designed back handle with intelligent grip and indented circles for fingers enables comfortable grasping and maneuvering during longer ironing sessions. The slick blue accents add nice modern flair too.

Self-Clean Technology
To prevent sticky buildup that reduces effectiveness, Rowenta’s built-in self clean mode flushs out accumulated mineral deposits with a quick spurt of steam triggered by pressing and holding the steam boost button when powered off.

Biggest Cons

Water Tank Difficulties
Perhaps the most notorious thorn in this iron’s side involves the rather inconvenient water tank. The side hinge flip open door feels flimsy and prone to dripping even when locked. An overly large cap adds leaks during filling. Worse, zero visibility of the max fill line causes easy overflowing and spilling.

No Auto Shutoff
While the highly visible thermostat dial lets you regulate temperatures well, Rowenta surprisingly omits any automatic safety shutoff mode on this iron. That means remembering to power off before walking away to prevent fire risks or tip overs damaging the metal plate. A frustrating lack of a basic function.

Short Power Cord
With only a 6 foot power cord, the short length highly limits reaching range while ironing which typically requires more movement. Be prepared to unplug and change outlets as you move across larger pieces of fabric. Higher-end models would be expected to improve not shorten cord capabilities.

No Retractable Cord Feature
Additionally lacking is a convenient retractable cord feature to neatly tuck away excess length while ironing or allow stretched extension during storage. The basic power cord design means wrestling dangling links or carefully wrapping around the iron itself after each use.

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Is the Rowenta Access Steam Iron Worth Buying?

If your ironing needs span mostly garments, travel wear or table linens that require consistent high steam, quick heating and reliable results, then the Rowenta Access performs admirably. Power and plate design meet durability demands.

However, those working with larger bedding pieces requiring ample length and moveable steam may find some frustrations from short or limited mobility elements. Similarly, if your laundry days stretch over hours, the lack of auto shutoff raises risks requiring diligence.

Overall, thoughtfully weigh performance against convenience factors based on your fabric use frequency, volume and size. Then determine if exemplary steaming outweighs design quirks noted in this detailed review. For many households, the Rowenta brand respect paired with effectiveness wins favor still today. I hope this “Rowenta Access Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron Pros, Cons & Review” article helps you.

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