Hamilton Beach Steam Iron & Vertical Steame Pros, Cons & Review

Most households require solid iron performance for wrinkle-free clothing along with a garment steamer for delicate fabrics and hanging items. Purchasing separate appliances not only consumes storage space but also challenges budget limitations for those needing both intermittent functionality. In this article we talk about Hamilton Beach Steam Iron & Vertical Steame Pros, Cons & Review.

Hamilton Beach’s 2-in-1 Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer offers a potential solution combining professional vertical steaming with an effective iron into one unit. But does the hybrid design provide adequate versatility or ultimately frustrate with performance tradeoffs?

This hands-on review breaks down key specifications and analyzes biggest pros and cons to determine if the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 model suits your laundry needs or falls short on multi-use promises.

Key Feature Specifications

– 1200 watts providing power for both iron & steamer
Stainless steel soleplate + steam/spray buttons
– Extra large 11.5 oz external water tank
– Iron docking station for vertical steaming
– Fabric select dial with temperature guide

Biggest Pros:

Two Functionalities in One Unit
The standout benefit focuses on gaining both a full-size iron along with handheld fabric steamer avoiding the need to store or purchase two separate appliances. The docking port connects the iron securely to transform instantly into a vertical garment steamer when needed by releasing from buttons.

Wrinkle-Busting Steam Power
An extra-large removable 11.5 ounce water tank supplies the iron with continual steam for up to 15 minutes of wrinkle smoothing across all fabric types. Steam and spray functions help tackle shirt collars to table linens effectively at 1200 watts.

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Vertical Steaming For Delicates
Having the handheld steamer capabilities in the same appliance allows gentle steaming of hanging garments like silks and satins prone to scorching under direct high iron heat. The variable steam controls steady output across drapes to dresses without leakage.

Space-Saving Design
The 2-in-1 merger equates to a 50% reduction in storage space since you store basically one base appliance with the handheld unit docking in place. The slim vertical rectangular design needs little counter real estate and enables upright storage unlike standard ironing boards.

Biggest Cons:

Mediocre Iron Performance
While steaming powers impress in vertical form, testers found the iron itself delivers rather lackluster wrinkle removal results alone on all but the lightest fabrics. Thick materials like denim barely showed improvements even on highest steam settings due to uneven soleplate temperatures.

Water Tank Overflows
A messy flaw arises for many around the detachable water tank design that lacks measurement markers. Attempting to fill while attached often overflows water through slots onto the base and countertop below. Additionally, moving the full unsupported tank leads to frequent spill messes.

Cheap Build Undermines Durability
Numerous consumer reviewers mention rust developing around the steam plate after just a few months along with issues of the water tank cracks causing leaks, likely due to weak seam bonding with repeated heating and detaching.

No Auto Shutoff Safety
While an automatic 2-minute shutoff protects the handheld unit, the iron alarmingly lacks any shutoff programming. Unattended iron mishaps prove common for absent-minded users, although the upright docking position helps prevent tipping when not in use. Still, getting used to switching it off remains key.

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The Verdict?

The affordable and space-saving merits of a 2-in-1 model seem enticing for small spaces and multi-use households. However, Hamilton Beach cut one too many corners creating a flimsy hybrid prone to water messes, uneven performance and durability concerns over time.

Better off investing in separate higher quality iron and garment steamer units that excel at their singular functionality over longer hauls. This leaves much to be desired outside novelty versatility perks that fail to deliver on thorough execution. I hope this “Hamilton Beach Steam Iron & Vertical Steame Pros, Cons & Review” article helps you.

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