BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V Pros, Cons & Review

A go-to accessible brand for household tool needs, Black+Decker understands the average consumer desires value, functionality and convenience from home appliances like irons. While not professional grade, the compact and affordably priced Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V model delivers reliable everyday use results minus unnecessary bells and whistles to keep costs down. In this article we talk about BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V Pros, Cons & Review.

But whether purchasing your first starter iron or replacing an older broken one, spend smart by analyzing pros and cons fully. Examine how key features meet your fabric needs and ironing behaviors. This detailed B+D Easy Steam IR40V Iron review covers everything to know before buying.

Key Feature Specs

– 1200 watts for standard household outlet
– Dual voltage capability for international travel at 110-240V
Stainless steel soleplate with steam holes
– Easy grip handle with rear water fill door
– Self clean function via steam flush
– Fabric select temperature dial + steam settings

Biggest Pros

Compact Size Maneuverability
Perfect for storage-strapped spaces, the slim tapered design at just under 3 pounds occupies minimal real estate while enabling great garment control, especially around pleats and buttons. The pointed tip slips smoothly into tight spots common with dress shirts and blouses.

Durable Stainless Steel Soleplate
The thin metal soleplate retains adequate heat for wrinkle-releasing magic across all common fabrics like cotton, linen, synthetics and delicates. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and minor abrasions well over time despite the affordable price, retaining a fairly smooth glide.

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Easy View Water Tank
A rear hinge door provides quick access to fill the transparent water tank measuring over 8 ounces. Clear visibility of existing water levels and markings indicating ounces empowers rapid mid-iron refills as needed and prevents overfilling.

Automatic Shutoff Security
Should you forget shutting off the iron before walking away, built-in safety programming powers it down automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity. This provides great peace of mind against fire hazards or accidents for all users.

Biggest Cons

Less Powerful Steam
Unsurprisingly given lower wattage expectations, steam functionality could perform better. Smaller steam holes coupled with weaker steam may require slower movement over extra wrinkly areas to achieve garment smoothing, especially with thick fabrics like denim. Occasionally shots of spray starch become necessary for best results.

Water Leakage Tendencies
A common complaint across several users highlights issues around the water tank leaks resulting in wet messes. While a rubber seal exists on the rear door, it seems to loosen over time in some devices. Additionally, holding the iron horizontally leads to dribbles escaping through soleplate holes unexpectedly.

Slim Tip Causes Snags
The slim pointed design that enables dexterous tip precision also poses problems for seam-adjacent dragging across rough fabrics like tweed or burlap, posing snag risks with delicate garments. Pay close attention to trims and embellishments when covering collar points and rounded edges to avoid damage.

Durability Concerns
Being just an inexpensive household iron, longevity expectations automatically lower but numerous reviews indicate problems of repeated leaking, sputtering steam power and tip scrapes appearing after just a few months. Shell out for Black & Decker’s 2 year replacement warranty for backup.

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The Bottom Line
For an easy-to-use compact steam iron meeting occasional needs at low price points, the Easy Steam IR40V delivers just enough performance to dewrinkle daily garments and lighter fabrics acceptably while taking up minimal storage space.

However, the wonky water tank likely requires DIY fixes to prevent leakage extending into the long term while power and build cannot compare to professional models twice the price. Weigh priorities before purchase to determine if pros outweigh cons for your needs. I hope this “BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V Pros, Cons & Review” article helps you.

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